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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Would you rather be a zombie or a mummy?

zombie! idk why i am having a thing for zombies lately. mummy seems too dire, idk maybe if i had less wraps..idk...*.*

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Conversation via Blog Tv

sarcastic person


살찐것같은데.. 취소
얼굴이 동그랗게 변했네요

근데 머 전 몇달만에 봐서 그런거고 맨날 보는 사람은 잘 모를듯.

맨끝에만 보이는데요

한글도 모르면서
기본이 안되어있음
붑스가 머에요?
가슴이 착하다 영어로 해봐염

전 영어 잘 못해서..
gaseumi myeoggaeni how many boobs do you have?
집안이 변한게 없넹
남편은 어디갔어염?
where is your husband?
전화 씹히는 기분이란..
뽀글이 언제 죽는겨?
하긴 그놈은 죽어도 원이 없겠다.
개굴개굴개구리 노래를한다
그게 동물우는소리에요?
10시에 교회가서 머해요?
독도 그까짓거 줘버려
그대신 대마도 바꾸자
지도를 보니깐 대마도가 바로 부산밑에 있던데요
부산에서 보임
지도 그냥 지도
긁어 부스럼 만드네욤
걍 참으삼
each 처럼 들리는데요
발음이 똥같다니 너무 적나라한 표현
에잇 심심하닷
이 할때 소리를 휘지 말고 짧게 해보세요
인터넷에서 그게 단모음 i라고 본적이 있음
웃을 때 참 예쁘세요
저런 낮간지러운 말을 하다니
한국어 잘 못하나보네
안녕하세요 둥글이님
거기서 역사가 이루어지나요?
근데 왜 소리가 뭉게지지
높은 음파가 안들리는데요

narang jaja?
그냥 가요.
한국어는 잘들리넹 그래도.
영어는 어차피 거기서 거시


에어컨있어염? 부럽당 부르조아
electronic guitar
2세는 언제 가지시나요?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Korean Music Festival

This past Saturday I attended the Korean Music Festival! My first KMF and many after claimed disappointment but since it is my first...I fell in love. My seats were awesome! I sat in Section B, Row 7! I will definitely order the same tickets again!
I got there around 3pm and just looked around. They were giving a lot of free items and had a lot of contests, most being the typical spin the wheel and see where it lands. In the end I had 5 Korean Air blue glowsticks, a blanket, free vanilla ice mocha from McDonalds, tons of free pens, tons of free bags, towelettes, make-up remover napkins, coffee mug, and some soybean chocolate~ This was all before I had to go in.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Disgusting Bus Ride

I stayed over at my friend's dorm over the weekend and was heading home when this disgusting thing happened on the bus. Okay, this happened this past weekend...specifically April 5, 2009.

Okay so I was on the 41. It seemed like a cool ride became most of the people on the bus were from university, so it was a small close group. Everyone was mostly lively and talking but then suddenly this girl runs to the front of the bus. She is crying and all I see is another bus driver who was going to go in run after whoever exited earlier. This young girl faces us in tears saying, "The guy who just got off the bus was jerking off and staring at us girls on the bus!" Everyone was shocked, we went silent not knowing what to do.

What sucks is that this girl kept quiet out of fear. She didn't know why he was doing it...heck she even told us later that she thought he might even pull out a knife. Me, a person of detail, recalled earlier that she let us in on the bus when we first got on. The bus first bus stop is the university and she was trying to get her id out of her Coach bag so she let me and my friend get on in front of her. She later sat in front of us but we were chatting and she was on the phone so she moved to the back, two seats behind us, in order to talk on the phone. This guy sat near her and she could see what he did. It sucks because she could have not experienced this if she just stayed seated in front of us but then someone else might have been traumatized and maybe this guy would have still took out his penis and jacked off without anyone of us knowing what happened!

I admit..this shook me up a lot. It happened near school. This sicko was in his 30s, a white male, and wearing a green t-shirt! Yea, this is the one time I despise having an eye for detail. I don't want to remember him, jeez! Also, he was seated near me...around 2/3 seats behind me. Also, he stared at the girls and he had a good view since the girls being around 5-6 of us sat towards or near the front. He being behind us...well you get the picture. I don't want some old guy staring at me and touching himself and on a public bus. I don't know but I felt invaded. All the girls did. Heck some were scared when the doors were left open when the bus stopped to get the guy and wait for the police. We all began calling our friends on our cell after we got over the shock and most girls began putting on their sweaters and such in an attempt to shield/cover themselves.

The weird part after was how normal everything returned...well the fact that the world is still going while we were experienced this. For example, the new people who entered on the bus and people walking by...they...have NO IDEA what just happened. What happened to us on that bus! It's so surreal but at the same time it causes us all to focus and remember that the world is still moving. We have to move forward and not let this douche bag take over us taking the bus. I know for sure that I will stick to sitting near the front just because the driver has a better view of me and I can see everyone who boards. All I can do is be cautious but don't let it take over my life and the decisions I take. Yea I sit in the front but I won't not sit in the back because of it...I will sit in the back every once in awhile but preferably with friends but it's good to be cautious but not to the point where it takes over everything action and decision you take.

So yea...just wanted to share this because it's been bothering me. I still take the bus everyday and the 41. I have to! It's the only bus the heads away from school to where I live. I guess it's good in the sense that because I have to take that bus, it makes me confront my fear. That's it! That is what happened to disgusting bus ride...