Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill is this band I happened to find on popseoul and found them exhilarating. Different from the norm, but still they will enchant any listener! They consist of two girls and a boy. Former Battle member Jang Hyun (22), Dalja's Spring OST singer Jubi, and former Cassiopia Seung-Hee (20). Their single "Ring Back Tone" has sad lyrics but their melody is really catching and upbeat putting you in a happy mood. I even did a little jig as I heard this song. They crept in silently put I think they will make a big bang!

Sunny Hill (single) - Love Letter (October 4)
1. Because It’s You
2. Good-Bye New York
3. Ringtone
4. Leave
5. Because It’s You (Instrumental)
6. Good-Bye New York (Instrumental)
7. Ringtone (Instrumental)
8. Leave (Instrumental)

The members of Sunny Hill have trained since their high school years because they had the ambition and dream to become singers. With three long years of effort, the members, Seung Ah (20), Joo Bi (21), and Jang Hyun (22) have finally released their single. Their title track, Ringtone, is an R&B-style track about sending a person a ringtone instead of breaking up from the relationship. Because It’s You was composed by Lee Min Soo, who also wrote Brown Eyed Girls' Coming Closer and it’s a medium ballad track with lyrics about liking anything because one has a loved one. Good-bye New York is an up-tempo track where you can hear the brass and jazzy piano, while Leave has an electronica feel to it. -credits to motoway065

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


before i really start this blog...hehe
well i have to take things off my chest...
gosh, school is very odd right now. many of my friends are really freaking out. i am too but for other reasons: 1) coffee prince is over :( and 2) coffee prince is over!!!! WHAT WILL i DO NOW... oh and may I add, veoh no longer allows videos over twenty minutes. if it is, it becomes five minute previews which you can either download or view the full video with veoh tv. this does not always work. i love veoh more than youtube but it seems it just may become it. then, those of us who upload must video edit to cut the uploads into parts so the public may view it hassle free while having the option to download if they want. this is very frustrating to me.

okay that is not all i have to get off my chest. my friend Denise is acting weird. i wont write everything involved with her but it's a very private matter but she wants to quit school. i am trying my best to deter her. her reasons although plausible, they are weak. for me who is her best friend, they are weak. i can't put it another way. others may want to give way to her but i know enough that she is just using excuses. this is a reason why others are looking at me coldheartedly but i don't mind because i know what i am doing and it's for her own good. she knows it but still... anyways, now i can breathe and restart the process of breaking her down. i love her and that is why i am helping her. thanks for listening :/

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

College and Everything (in between)

Gosh! I am anxious and worried of well...the future. Who isn't, right? I love the unknown normally cause they mostly involve great moments but at the same time it's UNKNOWN!!! Something can be both good and bad.... :( I am now closer to the next stage in my life COLLEGE. Am I ready? Who knows, but I start school Sept.27 while move in day is Sept.22 ^^ I didn't get my friend as a roomate though. Our dorms are near one another so it's all good baby. I love saying that for some reason. Anyways, what else is going on....ah, my friends called me and we went out. They are already at their respective colleges.

My friend Cherry is one of a kind... This guy is so funny and laidback but I fear he will get into trouble. *Oh, just so you guys know...he is named Cherry by moi cause he gets red like a cherry whenever we did P.E. and it stuck.* At least I don't call him Monkey like my friend Jennifer does. She swears he looks like one, well the face. In retrospect, he calls her Giraffe cause of her long legs. She sure is tall!!! He is studying up at UC Mercedes. Man, all I hear from him is booze this, hot girl that. To think I once had a crush on him. Yes, I admit he is cute but now we are the best of buddies. Boy, I tell you . I introduce girls to him and he is always wanting me to go out with a guy. At the same token, he is a brother. Very protective, though he can be annoying. I love him. Lunched with him this past Sunday. Now he is gone and single. Girls, beware!!!! Of course I will forever keep in touch however I can.

Middle School was our meeting. High school our playing field where feelings developed and stayed evolving into something more, stronger than lust or the usual sex appeal. Forever friends and somehow lovers though we never experienced, just felt an attraction. Wow, time has passed but we will stay remain strong and move forward with our lives so different yet very alike. Now back to other things....

All my friends are tired of reading and some partying but who knows what my experience will be. An ecclectic mix for sure, knowing me. I will study and try to go out but at the same time keep in touch with this blog and with my drama addiction. By the way, I just finished viewing Why Why Love Ep.10. An awesome Taiwanese Drama...if you haven't heard of it then I recommend watching Devil Beside You. Reminds me, I will soon put up my take on dramas and certain shows...like the synopsis and ratings. Oh, websites of course on where you can watch it or maybe even the download site. Ah, will now watch K.O. One and then try to find time so I can finish Coffee Prince (Korean Drama); Yoon Eun Hye is the main character!!! That is to say, I love her. Well my parents are watching Spanish news...something about a hurricane. hmm....well I have to go do well what I said...Ciao~

Before I leave...thanks again for remaining here and listening!!!! Arigatou, ShiShi, Merci, Gracias, Thank YOU!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Culture...Whatever It May Be

This may sound peculiar coming from a girl who embodies the Hispanic culture but I am utterly confused by the word culture. What does it exactly mean? I am not referring to the general sense of the word, which to most is exhibiting what your ethnicity or country is but what it really means both connatatively and denotatively. The dictonary has many definitions for the word CULTURE. One being: the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc. or a particular form or stage of civilization, as that of a certain nation or period. In that sense I embody the Hispanic culture simply because I can speak and write in Spanish while keeping up with the latest media, be it news, NOVELAS, or music. Also doesn't hurt the fact that I can cook Guatemalan and Salvadorean dishes! The thing which bothers me though, is the classification. I don't really think I am the quintessential Hispanic girl. Let's see... I have been told that I am WHITE-WASHED and an HONORARY ASIAN.

Now, you're wondering where did honorary asian come from, right? Well, let me tell you. I grew up in a community consisting of well...mostly Asians. My whole block had only Chinese neighbors until recently. My block now contains three Hispanic families, including mine. Even in school, I did not have many Hispanic friends. Yes, a few here and there but being in the advanced classes since I was 7, I did not have the opportunity to meet many. At my elementary school, there is this test which one must attain one hundred percent to qualify into the G.A.T.E program. I believe it stands for the Gifted & Talented Education Program! Wooh~ Anyways, only three Hispanics were in that class... the friends I made are with me now. We went together from there to middle school and now ending high school. From the bunch, only two are coming with me for our next journey... COLLEGE! So...I always hanged out in their houses and them in mine. This is how I am the being I am now. The addicted to korean/ japanese/ taiwanese/ spanish dramas. Yes, even music and film. Gosh, I even visit the websites with the latest news and gossip. This earns me my honorary asian title because it seems that I can at times know more about what's occuring in the Asia world than my friends. I think its my obsession with dramas, which spur this oddity. Oh well. I am who I am.

In this entire tantrum I threw, one thing is clear. Culture is just a word. Why this created a hurricane in my mind... I don't know but I know that no matter what. I will be well..... ME.

Thank You for staying with me and my very long explanation of what I was thinking at the time. You guys are amazing :)