Wednesday, August 15, 2007

College and Everything (in between)

Gosh! I am anxious and worried of well...the future. Who isn't, right? I love the unknown normally cause they mostly involve great moments but at the same time it's UNKNOWN!!! Something can be both good and bad.... :( I am now closer to the next stage in my life COLLEGE. Am I ready? Who knows, but I start school Sept.27 while move in day is Sept.22 ^^ I didn't get my friend as a roomate though. Our dorms are near one another so it's all good baby. I love saying that for some reason. Anyways, what else is going on....ah, my friends called me and we went out. They are already at their respective colleges.

My friend Cherry is one of a kind... This guy is so funny and laidback but I fear he will get into trouble. *Oh, just so you guys know...he is named Cherry by moi cause he gets red like a cherry whenever we did P.E. and it stuck.* At least I don't call him Monkey like my friend Jennifer does. She swears he looks like one, well the face. In retrospect, he calls her Giraffe cause of her long legs. She sure is tall!!! He is studying up at UC Mercedes. Man, all I hear from him is booze this, hot girl that. To think I once had a crush on him. Yes, I admit he is cute but now we are the best of buddies. Boy, I tell you . I introduce girls to him and he is always wanting me to go out with a guy. At the same token, he is a brother. Very protective, though he can be annoying. I love him. Lunched with him this past Sunday. Now he is gone and single. Girls, beware!!!! Of course I will forever keep in touch however I can.

Middle School was our meeting. High school our playing field where feelings developed and stayed evolving into something more, stronger than lust or the usual sex appeal. Forever friends and somehow lovers though we never experienced, just felt an attraction. Wow, time has passed but we will stay remain strong and move forward with our lives so different yet very alike. Now back to other things....

All my friends are tired of reading and some partying but who knows what my experience will be. An ecclectic mix for sure, knowing me. I will study and try to go out but at the same time keep in touch with this blog and with my drama addiction. By the way, I just finished viewing Why Why Love Ep.10. An awesome Taiwanese Drama...if you haven't heard of it then I recommend watching Devil Beside You. Reminds me, I will soon put up my take on dramas and certain the synopsis and ratings. Oh, websites of course on where you can watch it or maybe even the download site. Ah, will now watch K.O. One and then try to find time so I can finish Coffee Prince (Korean Drama); Yoon Eun Hye is the main character!!! That is to say, I love her. Well my parents are watching Spanish news...something about a hurricane. hmm....well I have to go do well what I said...Ciao~

Before I leave...thanks again for remaining here and listening!!!! Arigatou, ShiShi, Merci, Gracias, Thank YOU!!!