Friday, February 20, 2009

Morning Bliss

Oh I wish...hehe. I woke up yesterday at 8pm. Please don't ask when I woke up :/
Anyways, I intended to sleep at one am today but guess what...didn't happen. Now I am still up and wondering when will my need for sleep kick in. As I said, I intended to sleep at one but didn't and now I have to stay up or take a nap. I plan to shower at 7am and then eat. After that I have to ride the bus at around 8am and then take a trolley at 8:32am. This is just the beginning. I will have to exit the trolley, the ride is about 30min, and take a bus to my destination. This destination is only a pit stop. By the time my ride comes it will be 10am...about. So basically it takes me about 2hours to get to where my pit stop is. Then, get picked up at around 10:20am and head home to Los Angeles! Takes two hours for that! So yea, most probably figured when my pit stop is or at least the area. So what do you think...should I nap? I figure I will get around half an hour. Not bad, but I can always sleep on my two hour ride...but who knows since I carpool and who knows if it'll be crowded. It's a bit of the luck of the draw. In my last two trips back home I have gotten into almost empty vans ^^. The first only have 3ppl and the 2nd having the van to myself, well tech the driver and his helper are there but I am the only paying customer riding. It is the same price regardless of how many passengers since it is a route they take :)
So I am guessing I am not Well I am off to not sleeping and watching some Taiwanese variety show or something...maybe a korean drama. Ah who knows, all I know is that I am most likely not going to sleep unless my conscience kicks in and makes me nap!